CBI labs recognized for implementing national standards

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The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is proud to announce its forensic labs were nationally recognized as a “OSAC Standards Implementer” for their application of high-quality standards and practices in forensic science by the National Institutes of Science and Technology (NIST)-sponsored Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC).

All four labs have been awarded an OSAC Registry Standards Implementer Certificate. The certificates recognize each of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation laboratories: Denver, Grand Junction, Pueblo, and Northern Colorado Regional Forensic Laboratory.

"The CBI Forensic Services is committed to following national standards and best practices. Over the years several CBI Forensic Scientists have been members of the OSAC discipline-specific committees to help create the OSAC standards. I’m proud of the work by the CBI scientists and all of Forensic Services to now implement these standards in our analysis,” said Deputy Director Lance Allen who oversees the CBI’s Forensic Services section. 

OSAC recognizes crime labs that implement rigorous standards into their procedures as defined in their Registered Standards. The Registry is a repository of technically sound standards and best practices for forensic laboratories, and covers a broad spectrum of forensic disciplines including DNA, toxicology and digital evidence.

According to OSAC, these standards can “improve consistency across forensic science disciplines, ensure confidence in the accuracy, reliability, and reproducibility of laboratory results, and positively increase the impact of admissibility and expert testimony in courts of law.”

“We congratulate the four Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Forensic Science Laboratories for joining the growing list of agencies implementing the high-quality standards on the OSAC Registry into their operations. By embracing national standards and participating in their development, CBI is actively demonstrating its commitment to quality. Implementation of these standards should provide additional confidence to CBI stakeholders that their laboratories are analyzing forensic science evidence on a consistently sound foundation.  We appreciate CBI’s support of OSAC and look forward to continuing to work with CBI as an OSAC Implementer as new standards are posted on the OSAC Registry and enhance the practice of forensic science in the United States,” said John Paul Jones II, OSAC Program Manager with the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


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