Major Crimes

The Agents and Analysts of the CBI Investigations Section provide a full range of criminal investigative assistance to local law enforcement. The types of crimes investigated often include: homicide, officer-involved shootings, critical incidents, sexual assault, public corruption, organized crime and others.

Regional Offices


Lakewood (Headquarters)

Agent in Charge Kirby Lewis, Major Crimes
Agent in Charge Ralph Gagliardi, Identity Theft/Fraud/Cyber Crime
Agent in Charge Christian Mohr, Sex Crimes, Human Trafficking, Fugitive Operations
Phone Number: (303) 239-4211
Fax Number: (303) 239-5788

Grand Junction

Agent in Charge Collin Reese, Major Crimes
Phone Number: (970) 248-7500
Fax Number: (970) 248-7464


Agent in Charge Jodi Wright, Major Crimes
Phone Number: (719) 647-5999
Fax Number: (719) 547-2183