Major Crimes

The Agents and Analysts of the CBI Investigations Section provide a full range of criminal investigative assistance to local law enforcement. The types of crimes investigated often include: homicide, officer-involved shootings, critical incidents, sexual assault, public corruption, organized crime and others.

Regional Offices


Lakewood (Headquarters)

Agent in Charge Gregg Slater, Major Crimes
Agent in Charge Jason Hebrard, High Tech Crimes
Agent in Charge Christian Mohr, Sex Crimes, Human Trafficking, Fugitive Operations
Phone Number: 303-239-4211
Fax Number: (303) 239-5788
Email: cbi.denver@state.co.us

Grand Junction

Agent in Charge Collin Reese, Major Crimes
Phone Number: 970-248-7500
Fax Number: (970) 248-7464
Email: cbi.grandjunction@state.co.us


Agent in Charge Jodi Wright, Major Crimes
Phone Number: 719-647-5999
Fax Number: (719) 547-2183
Email: cbi.pueblo@state.co.us