DNA Database Collection FAQs


How are the Arrestee Collection kits stored?

The Collection kits need to be stored at room temperature.

Do the Arrestee Collection kits expire?

No, there is no expiration date for the collection kits.

Does the DNA collection card need to be dried after sampling and prior to mailing?

No, but it must be mailed in the paper envelopes provided.

What if the pink sampling area does not change color?

Sometimes only a slight color change will occur if the arrestee has a dry mouth but the DNA is still present.  If possible, the arrestee can rinse their mouth out with water prior to collection.

Why can't I just submit the DNA collection swab?

The procedure in place allows the CBI to easily extract DNA directly from the card and to store it at room temperature.

Does our agency have to perform the DNA collection at the same time fingerprints are taken?

Collecting the DNA at the same time fingerprints are taken in the booking process helps ensure that the DNA was collected from the individual identified on the 10 print card.

Why do we have to collect DNA from an individual for convicted offender submission when we know they were collected as an arrestee?

Currently, the CBI is not allowed to change arrestee samples to a convicted offender status upon conviction.  Because the arrestee law could be challenged and overturned we want to ensure these individual's DNA profile stays in CODIS.

Why does our agency not collect the DNA if we do not upload or mail the arrestee's fingerprints for CCIC entry?

If your agency were to collect and submit the DNA sample to the CBI and then take this same arrestee to be booked at a different agency for the same arrest a duplicate DNA submission will be created.  This causes confusion if charges are filed because two PCN numbers will reference one arrest.

Why do we need to put the barcodes provided in the kit on the 10-print card(s)?

These barcodes link the arrestee's fingerprints with the DNA sample on the FTA card which helps to properly identify them.  For agencies that submit inked cards, barcodes must be on all 10-print cards (including those for CCIC entry) because a PCN number is not generated by the submitting agency.

Who do we contact to order more arrestee collection kits?

Please contact the CBI to order more collection kits.  These kits will then be shipped to your agency by the manufacturer, Tri-Tech Forensics.  

Please call:  DNA Phone 303-463-7128 or Email:  DNA@state.co.us  

Can we use the convicted offender kits for arrestee collection or vice versa?

No, while the DNA collection procedures are similar, the process as a whole is not the same.  Also, the arrestee samples will be mailed to our Grand Junction laboratory and cannot be processed until charges are filed.  The convicted offender samples are mailed to our Denver Laboratory and are processed immediately.

What is the lead time for ordering more arrestee collection kits?

Please allow at least a two to three week lead time for ordering more kits.

If our agency has questions about the statute will the CBI be able to help?

We can only help with questions about the DNA collection process but cannot answer any legal questions.  Please contact your legal authority regarding any legal concerns you may have.