Forensic Training

If you have questions about Forensic training, please contact Jana Bates at
The CBI Crime Scene Unit provides various types of training throughout the year. Please go to Crime Scene Training for current classes and dates. 



The Colorado Bureau of Investigation Forensic Services proudly provides the following training opportunities

Processing of Property Crime Scenes

Course Description: Property crimes make up a large percentage of crimes in Colorado. Latent print evidence can often be overlooked in these types of cases. In this 2-hour course, the instructors will provide hands-on training of latent print processing skills along with introducing some advanced techniques to improve evidentiary results when processing property crimes.

Who should attend: This course is intended for personnel tasked with the collection, packaging, and submission of property crime scene evidence.

Courses Scheduled: Please contact Training Manager Jana Bates at to schedule 



** NEW Gunshot Residue and General Trace Collection and Packaging

Course Description: This 2-hour virtual course will discuss collection and packaging of various types of trace evidence that can currently be analyzed at CBI, as well as a brief overview of how each evidence type is handled in the laboratory. Types of evidence include gunshot residue, airbags, paint, tape, plastic bags, fibers, physical fits, wood, adulterants, and general unknown substances. Additional topics may be covered as time allows. 

Who should attend: This course is intended for investigators, police officers, or personnel tasked with the collection, packaging and submission of gunshot residue and/or trace evidence.

Courses Scheduled:  This course will be offered virtually on the following days: January 12, 2022 10-12pm, February 10, 2022 2-4pm, March 1, 2022 10-12pm


DNA/Serology 101 and STRmix

Course Description: This 2-hour course includes discussion on: serology (body fluids and trace DNA); DNA testing and interpretation (autosomal and YSTR testing); statistical analysis of DNA results including STRmix; results and reporting; CODIS; and preparation for testimony prior to trial. 

Who should attend: This course is intended for attorneys who will be requiring expert witness testimony to serology and/or DNA results.  

Courses Scheduled: None at this time.