Crime Scene Training

Crime Scene Investigation for the Scene Investigator / Detective

Course Description: (Free) This is a 3-day course intended for the newly appointed Crime Scene Investigator (CSI)/Detective, or those who need a refresher/additional training, and who are responsible for processing crime scenes ranging from property crimes to crimes against persons. Topics included cover initial response/crime scene management, advanced photography, death / injury / human decomposition, DNA and biological evidence collection, firearms and tool-mark evidence, latent print collection, footwear/tire impression evidence, trajectory analysis, bloodstain pattern analysis. Also included are evidence packaging, case presentations and a capstone practice exercise to reinforce key learning points from lectures.

Current Class Schedule

Date Area  
September 18-20 2023 (Full waitlist only) Golden Registration is closed.  The class is full.
October 3-5 2023 (Full waitlist only) Pueblo Registration is closed.  The class is full.



This class is designed for people who are actively working in a crime scene capacity. The class has limited space and it may be limited to the amount of staff that can attend per agency. 


Low-Light Photography

Course Description:  (Free) This is a one-day course at CBI headquarters in Lakewood Colo.

Current Class Schedule

Date Area  
November 13 Lakewood Registration is closed.  The class is full.

If you have any questions, please contact Erick Bryant at erick.bryant@state.co.us