Cold Case

Our Mission

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation is dedicated to bringing justice to the victims of unsolved homicides, long-term missing persons, unidentified remains and their families. 

The CBI is committed to partnering with local law enforcement to collaborate and coordinate in the development and sharing of information which may further these cases toward successful prosecution.   

Colorado Cold Cases


In July 2007, legislation was passed that created the Cold Case Team at the CBI along with the Cold Case Task Force and the Cold Case Database. 

In 2022, CBI received funding that enabled us to establish a full-time Cold Case Team. The Cold Case Team is comprised of four agents, one analyst, one forensic investigative genetic genealogy analyst and a supervisor. We also have two DNA and one latent prints forensic scientists embedded with the team.

The Cold Case Task Force is a Board under the Colorado Department of Public Safety. Although, the CBI is a participant, all documents and reports related to the Cold Case Task Force can be found on the Colorado Department of Public Safety website. 


Cold Case Task Force

Cold Case Database

It is the sincerest hope of all those involved in the CBI Cold Case Unit's efforts that the necessary tips and information can be provided to the agencies investigating these "cold cases" such that they may resolve their own investigations and provide some justice and resolution to these tragedies.

"Their voices may now be silent . . . those who may know the truth are not."

~ Voltaire


The Cold Case Database contains most of the unresolved homicide cases, long-term missing person cases and unidentified remains cases in our state where 3 years have passed since the crime occurred dating back to 1970. 

Each year we contact local law enforcement regarding cases that may now meet the 3 year requirement. 

Most cases feature demographics of the victim as well as a photograph.  There is also a short narrative included which provide some information about the case.   

We encourage members of the public to review these cases and provide any information that maybe helpful to the investigating agency. 

We encourage family members to review the database and provide any missing information.  This information can be sent to Investigative Analyst Audrey Simkins at audrey.simkins@state.co.us


Cold Case Database


Throughout the year there are a variety of events that raise awareness and provide support to families whose lives have been forever changed with the loss of a loved one.  If you are a family member or friend of a missing person in Colorado, please click here to update your contact information and stay informed about upcoming events.

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Violent Criminal Apprehension Program


The Violent and Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) was created in 1985.  The purpose of this program is to analyze serial violent offenses and sexual crimes.  More specifically homicides both completed and attempts, sexual assaults both completed and attempts, missing persons and unidentified remains cases.  The beauty of ViCAP is that it contains nationwide information.   This program can only be accessed by members of law enforcement.

All cases should not be entered into ViCAP.  This program should be reserved for those cases in which there is something unique about the victim or the way the crime was committed.  This can also be referred to as modus operandi.   Agencies are strongly encouraged to enter all unresolved cold cases.  Specifically, homicides, sexual assaults, missing persons and unidentified remains cases. 

Cases should be entered into the ViCAP Program with as much detailed information as possible.  This allows members of law enforcement to search this program for similar cases across jurisdictional and statewide boundaries.  As the investigation continues agencies should  update the existing ViCAP entry to include the most recent updates.

Any member of Colorado law enforcement that would like access to the ViCAP Program should contact Investigative Analyst Audrey Simkins who acts as the state Law Enforcement Manager and ViCAP Liaison for agencies in Colorado.  Analyst Simkins cane be reached at 303-239-5764 or audrey.simkins@state.co.us.

ViCAP Logo

Colorado Cold Case Playing Card Program


In 2014, the CBI adopted the Cold Case Playing Card Program. 

This program allows the CBI to collaborate with local law enforcement agencies in our state to bring awareness to these unresolved cases.  The program allows us to customize a traditional deck of playing cards so that each card features a different case.  The card displays a photograph of the victim as well as a short narrative that provides details regarding the crime. 

The hope with this program is to generate interest in these old cases and remind their loved ones that these cases are not forgotten. 

We realize bringing awareness to those people in our incarcerated populations might be a way to generate new leads in these very old cases.

Deck 2 closer pile

Cold Case Review Team

In 2009, The CBI began looking at ways to do more to investigate Cold Cases in Colorado.  The CBI wanted to provide additional tools to investigating agencies which provided guidance but allowed the heart of the investigation to remain with the local agency.  Thus the Cold Case Review Team was created. 

The Review Team is comprised of professional investigative, analytical, and forensic experts from across the state.  This team meets 2 to 4 times a year.  The meetings are often held in the Metro area. 

No agency is required to present their case or cases to the Review Team.  The Review Team is simply another tool to help further these investigations. 

Family members cannot request a presentation directly to the Review Team.  All requests must be made through the Investigating Agency.  Any agency interested in presenting their case to the Review Team should contact Investigative Analyst Audrey Simkins at audrey.simkins@state.co.us