Organizational Structure

CBI organizational chart with names of staff

CBI 2023 Organizational Chart


CBI Director- Chris Schaefer


Chief of Staff - Susan Medina

Strategic Communications Director - Rob Low 

Executive Assistant - Ania Wisniowska

Human Resources

  • HR Liaison - Jacqueline Duvall 

Forensic Services

Deputy Director Forensic Services - Lance Allen 

Assistant Director Forensic Services Denver - Shawn West

Assistant Director Forensic Services Denver - Lisa Yoshida

Lab Director NCRFL - Daren Ford

Lab Manager - Aaron Koning

Assistant Director Forensic Services Pueblo - Stefanie Trahey

Assistant Director Forensic Services Grand Junction - Jana Bates 

Support Services

Deputy Director Support Services - Ray Butler

Assistant Director Support Services - Ross Sibley 

  • InstaCheck Unit Manager - Nick Baumgart
  • BIRU Manager - Teresa Mucha
  • CIMU-UCR-NIBRS Supervisor - Darla Hackworth 
  • CIMU Supervisor - Donna Keihl


Deputy Director Investigations - Dan Volz 

Assistant Director Investigations Denver -Kirby Lewis 

  • Agent in Charge Cold Case - Tammy Lee 
  • Agent in Charge Denver Major Crimes - Gregg Slater 
  • Agent in Charge High Tech Crimes - Jason Hebrard
  • Agent in Charge SIIM Denver - Matt Stoneberger 
  • Agent in Charge SXO/Human Trafficking - Christian Mohr

Assistant Director Investigations Grand Junction - Kellon Hassenstab

  • Agent in Charge Grand Junction Major Crimes - Collin Reese 
  • Agent in Charge SIIM West - Brooks Bennett 
  • Agent in Charge Human Trafficking West - James Fuller
  • Agent in Charge Office of Professional Standards - David Lopez

Assistant Director Investigations Pueblo - Clint Thomason 

  • Agent in Charge Pueblo Major Crimes - Jodi Wright
  • Agent in Charge SIIM East - Kevin Torres
  • Agent in Charge Records - Ralph Gagliardi
  • Agent in Charge Crime Scene Unit - Erick Bryant