Available Services

The CBI Firearms InstaCheck Unit strives to provide the best possible customer service to all parties with whom we interact, in fulfilling this important public safety mandate. We welcome any feedback you may have that would assist us in this goal.



Firearms Transfer Section

The Firearms Transfer Section is charged with carrying out background checks on behalf of individuals wishing to purchase firearms in the State of Colorado from federally licensed firearms’ dealers. Additionally, the Firearms Transfer section completes the required background checks for all private sale transfers that occur within the state. This is accomplished through a process of querying a series of databases, and comparing this information with federal and Colorado statutes and guidelines which prohibit the purchase of firearms based on certain defined criteria. The CBI denies or approves a transfer based on the best information available at the time of the query. In light of this criteria, InstaCheck does not have the discretionary authority to deviate from these requirements.

Appeals Section

The Appeals Section works with individuals who are denied the ability to purchase a firearm and appeal to the CBI for reconsideration. The Appeals section, upon receiving the appeal, will review the denial and return a final determination within 60 days. In many cases the Appeals section able to overturn a denial based upon additional information provided by the appellant or obtained from the courts as a result of the CBI appeals process. On many occasions, the Appeals section is able to work with the appellant to correct or update erroneous or missing information from their record. This may not only result in an overturned denial, but assist in the correction of erroneous information which could otherwise have a negative impact on areas such as professional licensing, housing, and employment.

Concealed Handgun Permit Section

The Concealed Handgun Permit Section is charged with conducting both fingerprint and name based background checks on behalf of Colorado Sheriffs. The results of these comprehensive background checks are consolidated and transmitted back to the County Sheriffs Offices to be utilized by Sheriffs, as the issuing authorities in the State of Colorado, in making a final determination on the issuance of Concealed Handgun Permits (CHP). The Concealed Handgun Permit section also provides direct assistance to Colorado Sheriffs in reviewing court documents or arrest information that has been provided by an applicant in appealing of or overturning the denial of a permit application. Finally, the Concealed Handgun Section conducts multiple, statewide training sessions annually, at the request of the County Sheriffs of Colorado (CSOC), in order to provide additional training and clarification of state and federal firearm laws as well as Colorado concealed carry statutes.