CJIS Vendor Management Program

Does your company or government organization provide services for criminal justice agencies? Do your staff have unescorted access to criminal justice information (CJI)?

If so, you may qualify for enrollment in the Colorado Bureau of Investigation CJIS Vendor Management Program.

To learn more about applying, please read the definitions below to determine which category your organization falls into.

(Not sure if you have access to CJI? Click here to read about what types of data constitute CJI. If your organization has possible access (physical or logical) to this information, you are likely bound by CJIS Security Policy requirements.)


CJIS Access Vendor

If you are a vendor whose staff access CJIS systems or media on purpose to do their jobs, you are an Access Vendor.

Examples: IT support, software, encryption, consolidated data center, cloud storage, document shredding, media sanitization, etc.

Click here to learn how to apply as an Access Vendor.

CJIS Support Vendor

If you are a vendor whose staff don't access CJIS systems or media on purpose (they just have unescorted access to the room where it is), you are a Support Vendor.

Examples: custodial, vending, maintenance, construction, security guards.

Click here to learn how to apply as a Support Vendor.