Internet Criminal History Check (ICHC)


The Internet Criminal History Check (ICHC) allows users to obtain a Colorado only Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) name based background check instantaneously from a computing device.  All Colorado CHRI is accessible to the public with the following exceptions:

  • Juvenile arrests (17 years and younger) except when adjudicated as an adult.
  • Traffic arrests under the age of 16 (15 years and younger).
  • Arrests sealed by court order.

Law enforcement agencies are able to view the complete CHRI including the above exceptions.  Other noteworthy information:

  • Only currently registered sex offenders are noted on the CHRI. 
  • Each search result downloaded incurs a separate fee.  Depending on the commonality of the name and date of birth, multiple search results may occur. See Logikco's FAQ "What's a muliple match?" and other ICHC questions.
  • The CHRI obtained from the ICHC search cannot be notarized.  If a notarized copy of a CHRI is needed, visit the "Individual Public Request By Name and Date of Birth" section of the Personal Background Checks for Colorado only from the Employment and Background Checks page.

Contact LogiKco, LLC. at (844) 662-4146 for additional information and questions.