Sex Offender Fugitives

Mission of the Fugitive Unit


Top 100 Most Wanted Sex Offenders

The purpose of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation Sex Offender Fugitive Unit is to provide analytical and/or investigative assistance to any local, state, or federal law enforcement agency regarding the identification, location, and apprehension of convicted sex offenders out of compliance with their registration requirements.

The Top 100 Most Wanted Sex Offenders is an ongoing effort to highlight the most dangerous sex offenders at large. A 24-hour tipline and email are also available for the public to anonymously submit information about wanted sex offenders. The fugitives listed are the 100 most wanted fugitive sex offenders in Colorado.


Partnership with the US Marshals Service

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation Fugitive Unit has partnered with The United States Marshals Service Violent Fugitive Task Force. One mission of the task force is to connect local and federal partners, establishing good communication to ensure sex offenders are compliant with state and federal laws.  Additionally, the task force focuses on apprehending out of compliance, fugitive sex offenders with registration requirements as part of an overall effort to apprehend dangerous and violent fugitives, both in the state of Colorado and throughout the nation.

Highlighted Fugitives


Photo of Eric Partida
Status **LOCATED** 
DOB 10/31/1996
Race White
HGT/WGT 601/170
Eyes/Hair Brown/Black
Conviction Att sex assault on child
Jurisdiction Jefferson CO SO

Photo of Jesus Garcia
DOB 04/02/1987
Race White
HGT/WGT 507/171
Eyes/Hair Blue/Black
Conviction Att sex assault on a child
Jurisdiction Weld CO SO

Photo of Delarosa
DOB 06/09/1968
Race White
HGT/WGT 509/265
Eyes/Hair Brown/Black
Conviction Sex assault on a child
Jurisdiction Weld CO SO

Mugshot of Jesse William Smith
DOB 07/11/1974
Race Black
HGT/WGT 600/170
Eyes/Hair Brown/Black
Conviction Sex assault on a child by one in a position of trust; Sex assault on a child; Sex assault
Jurisdiction Denver SO