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Colorado Bureau of Investigation Forensic Services Section

Deputy Director - Lance Allen Email Lance Allen

Laboratory System Director - Shawn West  Email Shawn West

DNA Program Manager - Jennifer Malone  Email Jennifer Malone

Toxicology Program Manager - Vanessa Beall  Email Vanessa Beall

Quality Director - Aaron Koning  Email Aaron Koning

Quality Manager - Shanley Garrett Email Shanley Garrett

Phone Number: 303-463-7000

Fax Number: (303) 463-7001


Denver Forensic Science Laboratory

Laboratory Director - Lisa Yoshida  Email Lisa Yoshida

Laboratory Manager - Rachel Harmon - DNA Database, Biological Sciences Email Rachel Harmon

Laboratory Manager - Dave Maloney - Firearms, Latent Prints  Email David Maloney

Laboratory Manager - Barry Shearer - Trace, Evidence  Email Barry Shearer

Laboratory Manager - Carrie Davis - Biological Sciences Email Carrie Davis

Laboratory Manager - Vanessa Beall - Toxicology  Email Vanessa Beall

Phone Number: 303-463-7000

Fax Number: (303) 463-7001


Grand Junction Forensic Science Laboratory

Laboratory Director - Jana Bates  Email Jana Bates 

Laboratory Manager - Dustin Perry - Biological Sciences and Toxicology  Email Dustin Perry

Laboratory Manager - Matt Richardson - Latent Prints, Firearms, Drug Chemistry and Evidence Email Matt Richardson

Phone Number: 970-248-7500

Fax Number: (970) 248-7464


Pueblo Forensic Science Laboratory

 Laboratory Director - Stefanie Trahey  Email Stefanie Trahey

Laboratory Manager - Melissa Colmenero - Drug Chemistry, Toxicology, Evidence  Email Melissa Colmenero

Laboratory Manager - Kailee Henson - Biological Sciences, Latent Prints, NIBIN Email Kailee Henson

Phone Number: 719-647-5999

Fax Number: (719) 547-9200


Northern Colorado Regional Forensic Science Laboratory

Laboratory Director - Daren Ford  Email Daren Ford

Assistant Director - Clay Buckingham  Email Clay Buckingham

CBI Laboratory Manager - Collin Knaub  Email Collin Knaub

Phone Number:  970-400-3638