Biometric Identification and Records Unit FAQs



Whom do I contact if I have dispute with my arrest record?

Any person who disputes any information on the Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) may challenge the accuracy and completeness of the record. Disputes can be taken directly to the arresting agency, or a record challenge may be requested from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI). To challenge a record, first obtain a copy of the CHRI from the CBI. Once the CHRI is obtained and discrepancies are detected, a challenge of discrepancies may be conducted by presenting in person, a copy of the CHRI and a driver license or government issued photo ID. Fingerprints will be taken from the person contesting an arrest record and compared within the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

Does CBI release warrant information?

The CBI does not release arrest warrant information. Arrest warrant information may be released by the law enforcement agency issuing the warrant. An additional source for arrest warrant information is the Colorado Judicial Department website Colorado Courts.

What does Court Filing on Docket mean?

The Docket is a court case number assigned to each case. Information regarding court docket and/or disposition information is displayed on the CHRI and is updated electronically by the State Judicial Department, or by final disposition information supplied to the CBI for processing. Disposition information is posted to the CHRI at the time the case is completed and/or finding to the charges reaches a conclusion.

Who are criminal justice/law enforcement agencies?

"Criminal justice agency" means any court with criminal jurisdiction and any agency of the state, county, or city which performs any activity directly relating to the detection or investigation of crime, the apprehension, pretrial release, post trial release, prosecution, correctional supervision, rehabilitation, evaluation, or treatment of accused persons or criminal offenders, or criminal identification activities or the collection, storage, or dissemination of arrest and criminal records information.

What is a Department Of Corrections Incarceration Sentence?

Department of Corrections (DOC) Incarceration Sentence on the criminal history record is not a new charge, or arrest information on the criminal history record. This will display on a criminal history when a person receives a sentence to the DOC and fingerprint information is received by the CBI from the DOC.

What information will be released on a criminal record regarding sexual offenders?

Sexual offender registration information will appear on a criminal history when the individual is currently registered as a sexual offender pursuant to statute. Once the individual no longer maintains this registration requirement, the sexual offender notification on the criminal history will be removed. For additional information regarding the CBI website containing information pertaining to individuals who are required to register as a sexual offender, in accordance to Colorado Revised Statute (C.R.S) 18-3-412, please refer to the CBI website at:  Sex Offender Registration, or call (303) 239-4222.

Are juvenile arrest records released to the public?

In accordance with Colorado Revised Statute (C.R.S) 19-1-301, the records of law enforcement or criminal justice agencies concerning juveniles and including identifying information, shall be identified as juvenile records and shall not be inspected by or disclosed to the general public. The only juvenile records released to the public are those juveniles which have been criminally charged as an adult. DUI and minor traffic violations are releasable if the juvenile is over 16 years of age at the time of offense. Information on criminal records regarding juvenile registered sex offenders, are record types released to the general public

What is the Colorado Volunteer and Employee Criminal History Service (VECHS) program and does my business qualify?

The Colorado VECHS program provides fingerprint-based criminal history information for screening current and/or prospective applicants for qualified public or private, for-profit, not-for-profit or volunteer organizations that licenses or certifies others to provide care or care placement services to any child, elderly person or person with disabilities for whom the organization provides care.

Any business or organization seeking to qualify under the VECHS program shall contact the CBI or by downloading the application from the New Account section of this web site.  A copy of the "Certificate of Good Standing" from the Colorado Secretary of State must be returned with the completed forms.

The BIRU will notify the entity when the application has been processed.

What qualifies as a Primary Identity Document?

Primary Identity Documents are:

  • State or Federal Government-issued Photo ID

  • Driver's License Driver's Permit (Learner's Permit)

  • Enhanced Tribal Card (ETC)

  • Foreign Driver's License (Canada and Mexico only)

  • Military Dependent's Card

  • Military ID Card

  • Passport (Foreign or Domestic)

  • Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)

  • State ID Card

  • U.S. Visa


Colorado CABS FAQs

What is CABS?

The Colorado Applicant Background Services (CABS) is the name of the state-wide vendor serviced applicant fingerprint based background check program contracted by the State of Colorado and overseen by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and implemented in response to Senate Bill 17-189. For more information about the CABS program, you may visit the CBI Employment Background Check page.

What is the cost for fingerprinting?

There is a vendor-processing fee per applicant in addition to the state and FBI fees (if required). The amount of the state and FBI fees vary by applicant type and other factors determined by the CBI. The  vendor processing fee also may vary, depending on: whether the applicant is in the state of Colorado and which location is fingerprinting the applicant, if the applicant is out-of-state utilizing a location which directly transmits into the CBI, or if the applicant is out-of-state utilizing the card scan conversion center. Total fees will display at the end of applicant pre-enrollment, prior to final submission of that pre-enrollment. The vendor processing fees are used by the vendor to provide the contractually required statewide program which includes all equipment, enrollment centers, staffing, secure infrastructure, data center, call center, help desk, etc. 

Can I continue to use paper cards for employment of licensing purposes?

The stated policy of the CBI is physical applicant fingerprint cards will not be accepted. IDEMIA has a process for accepting paper cards from out of state applicants for digitizing and electronically submitting this information to the CBI as a part of the state contract. Contact your state employing or licensing agency for details on how to complete this process.

What is a Service Code and/or Unique ID and how do I get one?

The Idemia/IdentoGO Service Code is a 6-character value and the ABI/Colorado Fingerprinting Unique ID is an 8-character value. These specific values are assigned to various combinations of Reason for Fingerprinting, CBI Secure Document Delivery System (SDDS) account, fee, and other unique data requirements for the applicant groups that need to have their fingerprints processed for employment and licensing. Use of Service Codes and Unique IDs virtually eliminates the issues normally encountered when applicants have to choose these various options on their own. These errors create the need for re-printing due to the applicant choosing the wrong values. Service Code and Unique ID values have been communicated to each employing and licensing agency.

The CABS vendor site says my Service Code or Unique ID is not valid. Why is that?

You should first double check that you are entering the value correctly. If you continue to receive this error, check with your employing/licensing agency in regard to the Service Code or Unique ID you are using prior to re-entering the value within the vendors’ pre-enrollment site.

How can I find a fingerprinting location near me?

Since enrollment center locations and the days/hours of operation for those centers are being adjusted over time in response to contractual requirements, volume, and convenience, posting any fixed location list for reference outside of the CABS vendors’ pre-enrollment sites is not normally attempted to avoid confusion. The best way to find this information is to go to the CBI CABS map of locations.  This information is updated anytime there is a change to a location and is always current.

Will I need to know any specific agency information before I schedule an appointment?

Applicants should check with their employing/licensing agency about any information required for their enrollment process. Having the Idemia/IdentoGO Service Code or ABI/Colorado Fingerprinting Unique ID is a key value. In addition, some applicant groups will need to supply their CBI Account Number. The account number is the key value that allows the transaction to be processed and results returned to the proper aSecure Document Delivery System (SDDS) account location where the authorized agency retrieves the criminal history results. Daycare and similar entities will also need to provide a Daycare License Number as a part of the prompting during pre-enrollment.

The CABS vendor site says my agency CBI Account Number or Daycare Licensing Number is invalid or not found. Why is that?

Applicants should verify the CBI Account Number or Daycare Licensing Number with their employing/licensing agency. The data for new CBI Account Numbers and Daycare Licensing Numbers are loaded in each day into the CABS vendor systems from a file delivery by the CBI. If the account or Daycare is a recent addition to this list, it is possible there could have been an issue with the timing of the data load, or account creation by the CBI, and should be added to the system in a relatively short time.

As an applicant requiring fingerprinting for the first time, do I need to pre-register and schedule an appointment?

Yes, applicants need to pre-register and schedule before going to a CABS vendor site to be fingerprinted. This pre-enrollment and scheduling process collects critical information ahead of time to create a successful and quick processing experience when you reach the enrollment center. Contact your agency or employer for more information about your service code or unique ID and fingerprinting process requirements.

Will the vendor have access to my criminal history results?

The CABS program will not affect the way the results of the background checks are currently administered. All background check results will continue to be provided to the respective agency accounts via the CBI Secure Document Delivery System (SDDS) as they are today. The CABS vendors will not have access to any applicant Criminal History result data.

Is there an option for mobile fingerprinting services?

Yes, the contract with both CABS vendors allows for mobile fingerprinting services for large groups as scheduled by the agency for a designated location. Contact the desired CABS vendor for more information regarding mobile group fingerprinting services.

Can I be re-printed following a fingerprint quality rejection at the other CABS vendor if I was originally printed by another method/vendor?

No, once an applicant begins a fingerprint cycle with a method/vendor, they must be re-processed without charge by continuing to use that method/vendor. Part of the reprinting process includes use of the previously used PCN value, and only the original submitting method/vendor would have access and the ability to use that value for reprinting.

What if I do not yet have a CBI issued Account?

The CBI directs any agency/entity that has not yet set up a CBI account to contact the CBI at 303-239-4208.

What if I have a question after I've been fingerprinted?

Please do not contact the CBI.  Contact the appropriate CABS vendor at the following primary phone numbers:

  • IdentoGO:  Toll Free: (844) 539-5539
  • Colorado Fingerprinting:  Toll free: (833) 224-2227
What is IdentoGO?

IdentoGO is a brand name used by IDEMIA for Enrollment Services. All website and location signage will include this brand name for consistency in name and logo. The company name will continue to be IDEMIA.

What is Colorado Fingerprinting?

Colorado Fingerprinting is a brand name used by American BioIdentity for Enrollment Services. All website and location signage will include this brand name for consistency in name and logo. The company name will continue to be American BioIdentity.

How do I become a fingerprinting site?


Contact IDEMIA about becoming an IdentoGO center by visiting their website and complete the online Partner Inquiry Form at: https://www.IdentoGO.com/partners.


Contact American BioIdentity about becoming a Colorado Fingerprinting center via any of the following:

Email: info@coloradofingerprinting.com

Toll Free: 833-224-2227