Regional Locations


CBI Offices

Lakewood (Headquarters)
690 Kipling St.
Lakewood, CO  80215

Grand Junction
2797 Justice Drive
Grand Junction, CO  81506

79 N. Silicon Drive
Pueblo West, CO  81007

CBI outdoor sign


The agents of Investigative Services offer their expertise 24/7 in various crimes including but not limited to all crimes against persons, such as homicide, assault, sexual assault and domestic violence, drug investigations, identity theft, fraud, cyber crime and gaming violations. Additionally, agents investigates cases related to organized crime, human trafficking, fugitives and illicit marijuana market cases.  Investigative analysts are proficient in the critical areas of missing children, cold case investigations and the identification of fugitives, with a focus on sex offenders across Colorado. Finally, multiple teams of Crime Scene Responders travel throughout the state processing scenes while ensuring the integrity of the evidence.

The staff of Forensic Services is responsible for the collection and preservation of the evidence at the crime scene and the subsequent analysis of this physical evidence.  The scientists of Forensic Services provide analysis using the latest state-of-the-art techniques in the disciplines of chemistry and trace chemistry, fingerprints, firearms and DNA. Additionally, the metro laboratory houses the Combined DNA Index System, CODIS, and the FBI’s program of utilizing DNA to support criminal investigations for the criminal justice community, including processing of both the arrestee and convicted offender buccal swabs.

In all cases, the staff of CBI is responsible for objectively testifying to their findings in municipal, state and federal courts of law.

Colorado is an open records state and as such the CBI provides comprehensive Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) services to both our stakeholders and the citizens of Colorado. These services include issues involving criminal history, the sealing or challenging of records, and fingerprinting including maintaining and updating information stored in the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS); concerns involving the purchase, transfer or issuance of a concealed handgun permit; the Sex Offender Registry and the Colorado Crime Information Center (CCIC), which houses all fingerprint-based Colorado criminal history records.


Legislative Authority

The CBI is a “by request” agency responding to requests for investigative service from local law enforcement, district attorneys and other state agencies.

Generally speaking, the CBI responds and investigates serious criminal matters when officially requested by local law enforcement authorities.

In accordance with CRS §24-33.5-412, the CBI has the following, but not limited to, statutory authority:

  • To assist a local law enforcement authority or a state agency in the investigation and detection of crime and in the enforcement of the criminal laws of the state when assistance is requested by any sheriff, chief of police, district attorney, head of a state agency, or chief law enforcement officer and with the approval of the director.
  • To investigate suspected criminal activity when directed to do so by the governor.
  • To locate and apprehend persons who are fugitives from the law.
  • The CBI is charged with the responsibility to investigate organized crime which cuts across jurisdictional boundaries of local law enforcement agencies, subject to the provisions of section 24.33.5-410.
  • To conduct criminal investigations relating to cybercrime violations pursuant to section 18-5.5-102, when violations are reported or investigations requested by law enforcement officials or the governor or when violations are discovered by the bureau. All investigations conducted by the bureau must be in cooperation and coordination with local, state, or federal law enforcement authorities, subject to the provisions of section 24.33.5-410.