Resources for Non-Criminal Justice Agencies

This page provides a library of examples of certain policies required by the CJIS Security Policy.


These resources apply to Non-Criminal Justice Agencies (NCJAs) as well as any vendors/private contractors who support them.




Examples of Required Policies and Documents


Personnel Security Requirements


Colorado State Statute List

Find the Colorado State Statute that gives your organization the authority to access state and national Criminal History Record Information. Scroll down to the Employment Background Checks Start Here heading, identify the respective applicant group for your organization and "click" on the arrow to display the information for your type of organization. From the displayed information confirm the appropriate statute using the list of "Reason(s) Fingerprinted" located within the information displayed.


External Links

  • CJIS Audit  access your assigned CBI Non-Criminal Justice Agency Audit here
  • CJIS Online (a free utility providing the required Security Awareness Training for those with access to CJI/CHRI)

For questions about applying the CJIS Security Policy in non-criminal justice environments, please email cdps.cbi.audit@state.co.us