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On July 1, 2002, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was deemed responsible for the management and operation of the Colorado Sex Offender Registry (SOR) and the associated public website.  The Colorado SOR is maintained on the Colorado Crime Information Center (CCIC) computer system for Colorado law enforcement agencies, and on the Internet for the public.  The CCIC system works in conjunction with the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) system, exchanging registration information throughout the United States.  This information is also shared with the National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) public website.      

In accordance with state law, not all registered sex offenders in Colorado are posted on the Colorado Sex Offender Registry website.  The website does not list sex offenders convicted of misdemeanor sex offenses or those sex offenders who received juvenile adjudications.  The website contains these four categories of convicted sex offenders:

  • Sexually Violent Predators (SVP's), including those found to be an SVP under the laws of another state
  • Adult offenders convicted of multiple sexual and/or violent felony offenses (multiple offenders)
  • Adult offenders who have failed to register as required for a felony sex offense
  • Adult offenders convicted of a felony sex offense and registered with local law enforcement, as required

PUBLIC REQUEST FOR ADULT REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER INFORMATION.  For a complete list of registered sex offenders in Colorado, or for a specified local area, a citizen can fill out an Adult Registered Sex Offender Request Form located on the SOR website and mail it to the CBI office, along with the required fee.  We do not accept this form by fax or email.  There is also a Visa/Master Card form located on this site.    

Due to changes in legislation as of September 1, 2021, this list will only include those registered sex offenders who were convicted of felony and/or misdemeanor sex offenses as an adult.  Juveniles who were adjudicated of a sex offense (both felonies and misdemeanors) and are registering with local law enforcement are not included on this list.

PUBLIC REQUEST FOR JUVENILE REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER INFORMATION.  The CBI will release to a requesting person the sex offender registry record of a person who was adjudicated or received a disposition as a juvenile.  A person must submit a written request to the CBI for the sex offender registry record of a named juvenile.  This record is limited to include only the person's registration status, full name, alias names, date of birth, current address or addresses, a photograph of the registrant, if requested and readily available, the offense that led to the registration requirement, and the date of the offense.  Information concerning victims will not be released.  

To request the record of a named juvenile, fill out a Juvenile Registered Sex Offender Request Form. Information requested to complete this search includes the full name of the named juvenile (required identifier), date of birth, county of adjudication, case/docket number, and gender (all optional identifiers).  The response may either be mailed or e-mailed back to you.  There is no fee to conduct this search.  

To receive this information, you must affirm in writing that the requested record shall not be placed in publication or posted to a website, used for the purpose of obtaining a pecuniary gain or financial benefit for any person or entity, or used or disseminated in any manner with the intent to harass, intimidate, coerce or cause serious emotional distress to any person, including the named person. You must also affirm in writing that you have a need for the sex offender information concerning the named juvenile and describe that need in writing. 

Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute (CRS) 18-9-310.5, any person who violates section 16-22-110 (6) or who submits a false statement to the CBI to obtain information from the sex offender registry pursuant to section 16-22-110 (6)(g) or (6)(h) commits an unclassified misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to one thousand dollars for each violation.   

CRIMINAL HISTORY CHECK.  The CBI may inform those requesting a criminal history check on a specific person that the subject of their inquiry is also on the sex offender registry.  On a criminal history report, if the person is a registered sex offender for a sex offense conviction as an adult, the term "Registered Sex Offender" will appear.  The "Registered Sex Offender" notation will display after the demographic information but before the arrest/disposition history if the person is currently registered as a sex offender in the State of Colorado with a local law enforcement agency.   

For those individuals who were adjudicated of a sex offense as a juvenile and are registering with local law enforcement, the "Registered Sex Offender" notation will not display on their criminal history report, in accordance with changes in legislation as of September 1, 2021. 

SEX OFFENDERS RELOCATING OUT OF STATE.  For sex offenders who are moving to another state, the CBI is responsible for notifying the agency that is responsible for registration in the new state of the move.  Information provided to the state will include the new address where the sex offender plans to reside, the planned date of relocation, and the literal conviction requiring sex offender registration.  

SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION FORMS.  The CBI must also provide standardized registration forms used for registering sex offenders to the local law enforcement agencies and is the custodian of all forms and other documents associated with sex offender registration.  The Notice to Register form is also available via this link.  All forms are provided in both English and Spanish versions.  

DISCONTINUING THE SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION REQUIREMENT.  The CBI processes orders discontinuing a sex offender's registration requirement issued from a Colorado court.  The onus is on the offender to provide the CBI and the local registration agency with a copy of the court order discontinuing the registration requirement for processing.  Orders may be provided to the CBI via email, mail, or fax.  To begin the de-registration process, self-help forms may be found on the Colorado Judicial Branch website. 

For confirmation that the CBI has received an order discontinuing the sex offender registration requirement for an offender and has processed it, please request a copy of the individual's criminal history record (see the procedure above).  If the criminal history does not state that the individual is a "Registered sex offender", this means the order has been processed and the individual is no longer on the sex offender registry.    

JUVENILE AUTOMATIC TERMINATION FROM THE REGISTRY. Juveniles must continue to register as a sex offender until a Colorado court or a local Colorado law enforcement agency release them from this requirement.  

Due to changes in legislation as of September 1, 2021, if a person is required to register due to an adjudication or disposition as a juvenile, the duty to register automatically terminates either when the person reaches 25 years of age or 7 years from the date the juvenile was required to register, whichever occurs later. 

Persons who duty to register has automatically terminated attempting to register with local law enforcement shall be advised that their duty to register has terminated.  They will be removed from any local law enforcement registry and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will be notified of the termination of the registration requirement.  

If the juveniles name has not been automatically removed by the local law enforcement agency or the CBI, the juvenile may petition the court for an order of removal.  If the person has reached age 25, or it has been 7 years from the date the juvenile was required to register (whichever occurs later) and the person has not been subsequently convicted as an adult of a sex offense, the court will order the removal of the person's name from the sex offender registry. 

Juveniles who have questions about whether or not they qualify to be automatically removed from the sex offender registry should contact the local law enforcement agency in Colorado where they register.  

CBI ASSISTANCE IN APPREHENDING SEX OFFENDERS WHO FAIL TO REGISTER.  To ensure that sex offenders who fail to respond to address verification attempts or who abscond from registration requirements are located quickly, the CBI will share information with local law enforcement agencies.  The CBI uses analytical resources to assist local law enforcement agencies in determining the potential whereabouts of non-compliant sex offenders.  The CBI reviews and analyzes all available information and provides the information to local law enforcement agencies in order to assist in locating and apprehending those sex offenders who are non-compliant with registration requirements or have failed to register.  

SEX OFFENDER SCAMS.  The CBI is aware of telephone scams that target registered sex offenders in an effort to extort money.  The CBI has received multiple reports of these scams occurring over the last several years by various Colorado law enforcement agencies towards their registrants.  Scammers are contacting registered sex offenders by telephone claiming to be a compliance officer.  They inform the offender that they are non-compliant with registration requirements, or that they failed to supply a DNA sample and will be arrested, or a warrant will be issued, if they fail to pay a specific fine or bond.  Scammers will usually require the offender to obtain a specific gift card and ask that the offender provide the scammer the numbers on the back of the card to pay their fine or bond. 

CBI takes these scams very seriously and believes no one should be a victim of fraud or identity theft.  If you believe you have been scammed, please reach out to our Victim Assistance Team to report it and to access support and resources.  Our Victim Advocates may be reached through our 24-hour hotline at 1-855-443-3489 or by email at CBI.StopIDTheft@state.co.us. Neither local law enforcement, nor the CBI, will ever solicit personal information, documentation, or funds from a sex offender by threatening arrest or summons over the phone.  If you have questions regarding your registration requirements, registration status, or these scams, please reach out to the local law enforcement agency where you register.  


For questions regarding failure to register sex offenders or the sex offender registration process, email the CBI Sex Offender Registration Unit at cdps.cbi.sor@state.co.us.


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