Identity Theft and Misidentification


If you have obtained a Colorado Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) and there is incorrect information on your record, or you have never been arrested and should not have a criminal history record, you may be a victim of criminal impersonation or "identity theft".

Any person who disputes any information on their Colorado criminal history record, may challenge the accuracy and completeness of their record. Disputes may be taken directly to the arresting agency, or a "record challenge" may be conducted by pre-enrolling with one of the two Colorado Applicant Background Services (CABS) vendors (links below) authorized by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI). To challenge a record, first obtain a copy of the criminal history record via the CBI Internet Criminal History Check (ICHC) or have the CBI conduct a manual search. Mark the information you believe is incorrect on the CBI criminal history record.

Once the criminal history record has been obtained and discrepancies are detected and marked, a challenge of any of those discrepancies may be conducted by pre-enrolling and scheduling an appointment for fingerprints on a physical card with one of the two CABS vendors at:





Phone: 833-224-2227








Upon receipt of the physical card containing your fingerprints from the vendor, complete the top portion of the card (include Record Challenge in the Reason Fingerprinted box). Mail both the completed fingerprint card and the CBI criminal history record in question to the CBI. The CBI will then process the fingerprint card through the CBI fingerprint database upon receipt. Should the criminal history record presented not belong to the individual fingerprinted, a letter stating that the person fingerprinted is not the same person as the individual in the criminal history record will be mailed from the CBI to that person.

In order to help expedite your request, please complete the Record Challenge Information Form, which includes the address you would like the response to be sent back to and a contact phone number, in case we have questions while processing your record challenge request.  In the event that you cannot print this form to include with the other record challenge documents, it can be filled out and emailed to cdps_cbi_ident_taqc@state.co.us

The record challenge documents (fingerprint card, criminal history in question, and Record Challenge Information Form) are to be mailed directly to the CBI for processing at:

Biometric Identification and Records Unit
Colorado Bureau of Investigation
690 Kipling St., Ste. 4000
Lakewood, CO 80215

Additional information regarding Identity Theft issues may be obtained by clicking the image below.