Frequently Asked Questions

When your organization's personnel are fingerprinted, they are processed by the FBI and CBI. If a felony conviction, felony arrest without a disposition, or an active warrant are found during the background check, the employee will be declared "Not Authorized" to work on or around CJI. See Disqualifying Criteria for more information.

The CBI's Biometric Identification and Records Unit (BIRU) launched the Colorado Applicant Background Services (CABS) program in 2018 to allow for a network of fingerprint kiosks around the state. Read this document to see the options available to you for fingerprint capture; there are options to mail fingerprint cards from out of state.

No, only those with access to CJI. A CJIS vendor may have other facets of their business which are separate from their CJIS business. However, all vendor employees with responsibilities for configuring systems and networks with direct access to CJI, as well as employees with physical and/or logical access to CJI, must also undergo a fingerprint-based background check. This may include the same type of support personnel as are fingerprinted within the law enforcement agency including human resources staff, janitorial staff, and others.

Yes. The CJIS Vendor Management Program ensures the minimum background check required by FBI-CJIS standards is performed, but an individual law enforcement agency may have a more restrictive policy.

To enroll in this program, yes. In the past, law enforcement agencies have had individuals from private companies fingerprinted under their ORI (an account identifier specific to their agency). In order to make the fingerprint status available to all law enforcement in Colorado, the vendor employees will need to be re-fingerprinted under the CBI-issued account number.

Yes. However, the agency will need to perform their own fingerprinting of all vendor employees and oversee their security awareness training. Additional law enforcement agencies using the same vendor will also need to perform their own fingerprinting.

For more information, please contact the CJIS Vendor Management Program team at (303) 239-4222 or