Missing Person Events and Information Contact Form

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation Missing Persons Unit is in the process of updating our records and wants to make sure we have the most up-to-date contact information for family, friends, and associates  of missing persons in Colorado. This contact information will be used to gather any additional information we need regarding the missing person and to send invitations to related events. Please keep in mind, case updates and questions will still be handled by the investigating agency. We ask that you please take a moment to fill out the below form as completely as possible. The information provided below will not be shared with anyone outside of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. We thank you for taking the time to help bring our missing persons home.

Please note: This form should not be used to report a loved one as missing. If you would like to file a missing persons report, please contact the local agency where your loved one was last seen.

Please advise if you are associated with a Missing Person(s) case in Colorado:
If you are a family member, loved-one, or associate of a missing person(s) case that has already been reported in Colorado please select Yes and procced to the next question. If you are a supporter of the Missing Person(s) program, but not directly related to a missing person(s) case in Colorado select No. You will be unable to complete the form; however, please visit our website for more information about the program. 
Missing Person Name
Please enter the best phone number (including the area code) to reach you for missing person(s) related matters.
Please enter the best email address to reach you for missing person(s) related matters.
This address will only be used to contact you regarding missing person(s) related matters.