CBI Celebrates National Forensic Science Week September 19-25

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09/19/2021—The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Forensic Services section is honoring the work of forensic scientists, technicians, and support staff assigned to CBI laboratories across Colorado during National Forensic Science Week, September 19-25, 2021.

CBI Forensic Services operates three full service laboratories in Denver, Grand Junction and Pueblo. The Denver location operates the state’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) Database. The CBI also collaborates with the Northern Colorado Regional Forensic Laboratory in Greeley, a full service lab serving northern Colorado law enforcement. Forensic scientists conduct analysis in nine forensic disciplines: Serology, DNA, Latent Prints, Firearms and Toolmarks, Drug Chemistry, Toxicology, Trace Chemistry and Digital Media.

“The critical work performed by the CBI Forensic Services section plays a pivotal role for our law enforcement partners, and especially victims seeking justice in thousands of cases across the state every year,” said CBI Director John Camper. 

CBI Forensic Scientists plan to share information about forensic laboratory operations via the Bureau’s social media sites (Twitter and Facebook) throughout the National Forensic Science Week. Additionally, members of the public can email questions about the field of forensic science through the CBI’s general email address to be answered during the week. The CBI team also plans to answer Forensic-related questions during a Twitter event on Thursday, September 23, 1:00p.m.- 2:00p.m. 

Contacting the CBI with general Forensic Services questions:

CBI Forensic Services by the Numbers...

  • 24,111   Cases completed by CBI forensic scientists last year
  • 300+     Forensic laboratory requirements/standards met to achieve international accreditation  status
  • 109       Members of CBI Forensic Services
  • 67%      Percentage of women in CBI Forensic Services staff
  • 116       Number of TV shows related to Forensic Science according to IMDb