CBI Celebrates National Forensic Science Week September 17-23

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The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is honoring the work of forensic scientists, technicians, and support staff assigned to the Forensic Services section across Colorado during National Forensic Science Week, Sept. 17-23, 2023.
CBI Forensic Services is responsible for the preservation and analysis of evidence found at a crime scene. Our dedicated forensic scientists will work with each and every agency in order to provide timely and accurate results.
CBI Forensic Services operates three full-service laboratories in Denver, Grand Junction and Pueblo. The Denver location operates the state’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) Database. The CBI also collaborates with the Northern Colorado Regional Forensic Laboratory in Greeley, a full-service lab serving Northern Colorado law enforcement. Forensic scientists conduct analysis in nine forensic disciplines: Serology, DNA, Latent Prints, Firearms and Toolmarks, Drug Chemistry, Toxicology, Trace Chemistry and Digital Media.
“National Forensic Science Week is a time to recognize and celebrate the important work forensic scientists perform to support the criminal justice system,” said CBI Deputy Director Lance Allen. “All members of the CBI's Forensic Services section are innovative professionals who work each day to provide investigative answers in criminal investigations to accomplish our mission of providing excellence in forensics to pursue justice and ensure a safer Colorado.” 
The CBI will be sharing information about forensic science via the Bureau’s social media sites (Twitter and Facebook) throughout National Forensic Science Week.

CBI Forensic Services Facts...
18,159 Reports completed by CBI Forensic Services in 2022
34 New employees (Technicians, Program Assistants, and Forensic Scientists) hired in the last year
Achieved re-accreditation to ISO 17025:2017 standard in August 2023
119 Members of CBI Forensic Services
11 Years of celebrating National Forensic Science Week