Missing Children Project

Each year, thousands of children are reported missing in the United States. Although many return safely, those who do not continue to be exposed to harmful and dangerous situations.

Consistent with statute, the program maintains and distributes statistics on missing children which include:

  • The number of missing children reported.
  • The number of missing children cases resolved.
  • The approximate physical location at which each child was last seen.
  • The time of day each child was last seen.
  • The age, gender, and physical description of each child reported missing.
  • The activity the child was engaged in at the time last seen.

The program also documents the circumstances of recovery of missing children. These include a breakdown by age, race, and sex in cases resolved by: contact by a law enforcement agency, contact by an agency other than law enforcement, voluntarily returned, deceased, and circumstances unknown.

This report helps to provide a better understanding of Colorado's Missing children phenomena.

2021 Annual Report



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