Victim Assistance for Missing Persons Cases

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we have decided to cancel this year's Missing in Colorado event. However, we are still committed to helping bring your loved ones home. We know that many families and friends of loved ones missing from Colorado look forward to the family support luncheon at this event every year. While we recognize that nothing can compare to sharing your stories with those who understand you the most, we would still like to provide any support that we can. CBI victim advocates will be available to help families locate support groups and other resources, serve as liasions with law enforcement, or simply spend time listening and offering a compassionate response to your needs. If families and friends of loved ones who have gone missing would like victim advocate services, please choose "yes" when asked below if you would like to be contacted by a CBI victim advocate. Additionally, we would like to be able to share the special memories you have of your loved one with the public. If you would like to share a small anecdote about your loved one, please provide it in the box below. You may also email a photo of your loved one to cdps_cbi_missing@state.co.us if you have a favorite picture you would like to share. CBI will then highlight your loved ones on our social media pages. Please feel free to call 303-239-4211 if you have further questions. 

Please note: This form should not be used to report a loved one as missing. If you would like to file a missing persons report, please contact the local agency where your loved one was last seen. 

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