Illicit Market Marijuana Team

Formed in late 2018, the Illicit Market Marijuana Team (IMMT) is staffed by 12 investigative agents and one analyst. The IMMT has four primary objectives: 

  • Expand local law enforcement’s ability – specifically in rural jurisdictions of Colorado – to address, investigate and prevent the cultivation, distribution and exportation of black market marijuana. 

  • Ensure the quality of life of Colorado residents and visitors

  • Protect the legal and regulated marijuana industry

  • Protect the environment from harmful and illegal growing operations that cause destructive and permanent damage 



The IMMT does not respond to requests for assistance from the general public.  Those calls should be directed to local law enforcement agencies in the appropriate jurisdiction.



Agent in Charge Jim Fuller
Phone Number: 970-248-7500
Fax Number: (970) 248-7464


Agent in Charge Kevin Torres
Phone Number: 303-239-4211
Fax Number: (303) 239-5788