Police Investigating SBI Incident in Platteville

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Multiple agencies are investigating a critical incident where an individual detained by police sustained serious bodily injuries near US85 and County Rd. 36 just north of Platteville just after 7:30 p.m. on Friday, September 16, 2022.

Although early in the investigation, it’s believed the initial call was reported as an alleged road rage incident involving a firearm in Ft. Lupton earlier in the evening.

An officer with the Platteville Police Department (PPD) located the vehicle to make a traffic stop on US85 and County Rd. 36. The driver of the vehicle pulled to a stop just past the railroad tracks, with the patrol officer behind the car on the tracks. Two Ft. Lupton officers arrived on the scene and the team conducted a high-risk traffic stop and detained a lone female occupant (age 20, Greeley) placing her in the back of the Platteville patrol car detained on suspicion of felony menacing. While the officers cleared the suspect vehicle as part of the investigation, a train traveling northbound struck the PPD patrol car.  

The female was transported to a Greeley hospital for treatment. Her condition is unknown at this time.  

This investigation is being managed in a bifurcated manner due to the many elements of the incident.  The Ft. Lupton Police Department is handling the criminal investigation of the incidents leading up to the initial call for police assistance.  The Colorado State Patrol is investigating the serious-injury traffic accident that occurred between the train and the Platteville Police Department patrol vehicle.  The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has been requested to investigate the serious bodily injury to the individual while in police custody.

Due to the on-going nature of this investigation, there are no further updates expected today.