Forensic Advantage Web Services Portal

In an effort to increase efficiency and productivity, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Forensic Science Laboratory has a web-based case status and Evidence Prelog system available for our customers. The Evidence Prelog system is available to help expedite the evidence submission process. The Case Status system provides law enforcement agencies access to specific information about the status of evidence submitted to the CBI Forensic Science Laboratory for analysis. 

The Forensic Advantage Portal affects all individuals dealing with criminal cases, including blood draw kits for toxicology and any other evidence submitted to the CBI from the first responder, detective, investigator, coroner on the scene to the evidence technicians to the individuals who obtain reports and submits them to the DA's office. As each agency is unique, roles vary from agency to agency. Each agency will have at least one administrator and can be anyone employed with your department regardless of position title. It is your agency's decision how many administrators you would like on the portal. From there, it is a matter of deciding the workflow process and granting access to the appropriate individual(s) so they can submit evidence electronically, view the case status and retrieve reports.

The Forensic Advantage portal is a web-based system that is used by our law enforcement partners to enter information in order to pre-submit evidence, check the status of their cases and access laboratory and case reports. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation Forensic Services Laboratory (CBIFS) freely provides the portal to all law enforcement and judicial agencies.

Case Status (Download Laboratory Reports/Check Case Status)

The Case Status provides law enforcement agencies access to specific information about the status of evidence submitted to the CBIFS for analysis. A full case report will be available for download. A copy of the laboratory report will also be available. The portal will provide the status to each of their cases; informing the user: 

1.    Whether it has been started
2.    Whether it has been assigned and if so, to whom
3.    Whether it is in review
4.    Whether it has been completed

The name of the analyst will also be provided to the user. Therefore, if someone from the agency has any questions for the analyst, that analyst can be contacted for further information. 

Evidence Prelog (Evidence Submissions)

Prelog is a web-based system available to help expedite the evidence submission process. Evidence Prelog is solely for the law enforcement customers of the CBI Forensic Science Laboratories. The system enables law enforcement agencies to "prelog" evidence submission information prior to delivery to a CBI Forensic Science Laboratory. Typical case demographics, item information and analysis requests are entered, and a prelog receipt is printed. The evidence and prelog receipt are then sent to the laboratory using normal delivery methods. The prelog process substantially expedites the intake process and helps assure all desired exams are requested.

Laboratory Reports

When an analyst releases a completed case in Forensic Advantage, an email notification containing the laboratory report for that case is emailed to the respective parties involved. The email can be sent to the investigating officer, submitting officer, carbon copy officer and any default email address for the agency. 

This is a secure web site for use by authorized criminal justice users. Data obtained through this site is restricted and controlled by the CBI. All transactions are logged by user identification and subject to audit. Unlawful use of data may result in agency sanctions.

LIMS Administrator – Megan Honderd