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If your loved one is lost, call 911.


Where Is Nancy?  Documentary Film

On October 15th 2016, Nancy Paulikas wandered away from the Los Angeles Museum of Art and was never seen again. The 55-year-old, who graduated at the top of her class at UC Davis, was a highly respected aerospace engineer and entrepreneur. She was brilliant and vivacious. She had also been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's Disease.

After her disappearance, Nancy's husband Kirk Moody embarked on a relentless search that lasted years, resulting in systemic change across L.A. County. The search for Nancy revealed the gaps in the USA's social welfare and health systems. Is Nancy still alive? If so, where is Nancy?

Where Is Nancy? is endorsed by Alzheimer's Los Angeles.

Watch the Where Is Nancy? trailer below:

Colorado Wanderer Recovery Success Stories

"A few years ago there were three incidents that took a great deal of manpower. In all of them, 12 deputies, a dog, a handler, and the Flight for Life helicopter were deployed. In the third instance, the additional manpower from the cadet class was utilized. All three incidents were successful but would have been much quicker and less costly if a tracking device had been utilized. Two of these individuals became Colorado LifeTrak clients and the third was placed in a memory care facility."

-  Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office


"Since we are a mostly rural, mountainous region, we faced many challenges with our at-risk community members. The young autistic, the elderly with Alzheimer’s, and an occasional brain-injured client were all represented over time. Our training focused on the unusual circumstances, as well as the normal wanderings of these subjects. I have to say that we never failed to find a client in less than 30 minutes unless they happened to get in a car and drive to the next county, which resulted in additional training for the caregiver, and a reiteration of basic guidelines. In that singular instance, we communicated with law enforcement in the neighboring county, and still managed to have a safe recovery." 

- Kate (Poland), retired member of the Teller County Sheriff’s Posse